Eloy Ropers

"Turn it on, turn it up, turn me loose
From the memory that's driving me lonely, crazy and blue
It helps me forget her, so the louder the better
Hey mister turn it on, turn it up, turn me loose"

Seven years ago, my grandfather Fritz passed away in Wickenburg, Arizona. He was a truly amazing artist that pioneered the craft of copper impression paintings. Luckily, I own four of his early originals and have always wondered how he was able to create these amazing works of art.

So when I set out on this journey, I made a point to stop through Wickenburg and connect with my aunt Cindy who helped me get a better understanding of his process so I could go back to Portland and continue the tradition.

One night while drinking whiskey and playing shuffleboard at a local bar, we met four cowboys that were in town welding tube steel horse fences. They mentioned that their passion was team roping in rodeos. So they invited me out to their ranch in Eloy, Arizona where I posted up for four days and shot them during and around their practices.